Liaison Responsibilities

Every department/organization must elect 1 person to act as liaison to participate in FWS.  The liaison must be a full-time, non-student employee.  The liaison responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Receiving and disseminating all information and correspondence related to FWS to the appropriate parties which can include supervisors, students and business managers.
  • Posting FWS job openings on Handshake and ensuring all hiring information is relayed to the Assistant Director for FWS.
  • Ensuring postings and positions for FWS employees are created in UGAJobs and ensuring the hiring process is completed.
  • Ensuring positions are funded correctly for FWS employees and that FWS employees only work during terms of eligibility
  • Ensuring FWS employees do not exceed semester award limits. If the award limit is exceeded, the department may be responsible for 100% of excess funds earned. Liaisons should confirm the FWS award amount with each student hired prior to the start date.  FWS employees should alert supervisor of any changes to FWS award amount.
  • Ensuring FWS employees do not work during regularly-scheduled class/exam time. FWS employees may work during class/exam time if they have been excused or the class/exam has been cancelled.  FWS employees must submit to the liaison verifiable proof that the class/exam has been cancelled or otherwise not scheduled to meet prior to the FWS employee reporting to work.
  • Verifying enrollment prior to FWS employee beginning work. FWS employees must be enrolled at least halftime to be eligible for FWS.
  • Ensure FWS employees are paid in accordance with the Office of Student Financial Aid’s policy:
    • Pay parity should be exercised at all times and departments/organizations agree to pay FWS and non-FWS comparable rates based on job function and years of service. FWS employees cannot be used to replaced or displace full-time employees.  Replacement is interpreted as displacement. Therefore, replacing a full-time employee whose position was eliminated (for any reason) with a student employee paid with FWS funds is prohibited. Moreover, this prohibition extends to instances where a school first replaces the full-time employee with a student position paid with college funds.
    • Wage rates for FWS jobs are $10.50-$12.00/hr and determined by the department/organization. Wage rates should correspond to the job function, complexity and years of service.

Violation of responsibilities may result in loss of FWS funding for the department/organization.