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For Graduate Students: UGA and Non-UGA Scholarship Information and Announcements


We are excited to announce that ScholarshipUniverse is open for University of Georgia students to start getting matched to and apply for scholarships!

Click here to start getting matched to scholarships!

What is ScholarshipUniverse?

ScholarshipUniverse is a state of the art scholarship matching system that maximizes opportunities for students and was developed to help students connect to as many relevant and legitimate scholarship opportunities as possible, all in one mobile friendly site. ScholarshipUniverse allows students to create an academic profile that enables them to be connected with various scholarship opportunities from scholarship organizations.

How do I use this service as a student?

  1. Click here to login to ScholarshipUniverse.
  2. Enter your UGA MYID and password to login.
  3. Answer ALL questions in order to build your profile and match you to eligible scholarships.
  4. Click on the “Scholarships” tab and start applying!

What should you know about ScholarshipUniverse?

  • Be sure to update your profile frequently. Information such as GPA, number of units taken, class standing, etc. will affect to which scholarships you are matched.
  • We do not share your information. All data collected will be used strictly for matching you to scholarships and, eventually, to UGA departments to select recipients for their scholarships.
  • Parents cannot login to ScholarshipUniverse but are encouraged to help students with obtaining required documents for the scholarship application process.

UGA Departmental Scholarships

Additional scholarships available through individual academic departments and schools are usually awarded to second, third, fourth year and graduate students, but students should review the web pages of their department and school for information regarding their departmental scholarships awarded to incoming students.

Student Responsibility to Inform OSFA When Awarded an External Scholarship(s)

Students who have been awarded Outside Scholarships and Other Resources by someone other than OSFA or Undergraduate Admissions must immediately notify OSFA by logging in to Athena and clicking on the Add/View Resources button at the bottom of the Award Offer tab.

Where to Send External Scholarship Checks

All money from a private donor needs to be processed through the University of Georgia. This is for your benefit as well as for your donors benefit.

Even if a check is made out only to you, it needs to be processed through UGA. DO NOT cash the check first and then send us a new check. This check cannot be processed as a scholarship / private award. We must process the original check.

All external scholarship checks awarded to students to attend UGA should be mailed to:

The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA)
University of Georgia
220 Holmes/ Hunter Academic Building
Athens Georgia 30602-6114

Make all scholarship checks payable to the University of Georgia. If a check is made co-payable to UGA and the student, the student will be required to sign the check which may delay the application of the funds to the student’s account.

What to Include with an External Scholarship Check

The external scholarship check(s) and/or documentation sent to OSFA must reflect:

  1. Student’s name
  2. UGA student ID number
  3. Directions on how the funds are to be disbursed, i.e. fall only, spring only, or for the full academic year
  4. Any restrictions of the fund, i.e. tuition only, tuition and fees only, or toward the total cost of attendance, if applicable

Where to Send Checks from Educational Savings Accounts or Plans (Ex. 529 Plans)

All Educational Savings Accounts or Plans (529 Plans) should be mailed to:

Bursar and Treasury Services
University of Georgia
424 E. Broad Street
Business Services Bldg.
Athens, GA 30602-4227

Scholarship Disbursement

All scholarships $1,000 or greater will be divided evenly between the fall and spring semesters unless the donor directs OSFA to do otherwise.

Scholarship funds first pay a student’s outstanding UGA charges. After a student’s current charges are paid, any resulting credit balance is refunded to the student by the Bursar & Treasury Services.

When to Send Scholarship Checks:

In order for a scholarship to credit a student’s account before their charges are due, we recommend that checks be submitted to UGA by the dates below:

  • July 15 for fall semester
  • December 1 for spring semester
  • May 1 for summer sessions

Timely processing requires the assistance of students. Students must let their donor know of University of Georgia’s tuition and fee payment deadlines (see the Bursar & Treasury Services webpage). All checks received after the dates above will still be processed, but we cannot guarantee that it will be on the award for the payment deadline. The student is responsible for their account balance on the payment deadline.

The typical processing time for private scholarship checks ready for deposit is 5-7 business days. At peak times (middle of July through the end of September, and middle of December through the end of February), students should allow up to 10-14 business days for the processing of private scholarship checks.

Out of date or expired checks will not be accepted and will be returned to the awarding organization for reissue.

Effects of Scholarship on Other Aid

The receipt of a private scholarship may result in the reduction or repayment of need-based financial assistance previously awarded to the student by the University of Georgia.

In accordance with federal regulations, our office is required to monitor whether a student’s total financial assistance remains within their financial need-based eligibility. Similar practices are followed with some institutional need-based grants. Whenever possible, self-help awards (loans and Federal Work Study) are reduced before federal or institution gift assistance.

Disclosure of a Student’s Cost of Attendance and Other Financial Aid

**Important change in what information the Office of Student Financial Aid can release to a scholarship provider.

In order for OSFA to release student’s financial awards, estimated cost of attendance or financial need, the student must complete the OSFA Scholarship Consent to Release Form. Disclosure of financial assistance for educational costs at the institution can only be released to a scholarship granting organization or tribal organization, with the student’s explicit written consent.

Anyone else needing information regarding the student’s awards, estimated cost of attendance or financial need, should ask the student to provide them with a copy of their Award Notice from Athena. The only permissible method for non-scholarship granting organizations or non-tribal organizations to receive the FAFSA information under the Higher Education Act (HEA) is through the student.

External Scholarship Applications

If a scholarship organization has paperwork that is required to be completed by the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA), the student must:

  1. Mail, fax, deliver, or email documents (via Sendfiles) to the Office of Student Financial Aid
  2. Include the student’s full name and UGA ID Number (81#)
  3. Ensure that the student portion is complete and signed (incomplete forms will be returned to the student)
  4. Submit the OSFA Scholarship Consent to Release Form
  5. Unless noted on the form, all scholarship applications will be returned to the donor

Billing or Invoicing for Scholarship Payment

The Financial Aid Office does not bill donors for scholarship payments. If an invoice or bill is required for payment, the student may obtain an account statement from the Bursar & Treasury Services.

Verification of Enrollment

If a donor requires verification of enrollment, the student must complete the request through the Office of Registrar.

Student Athletes

If a student athlete is awarded any type of scholarship, approval from the Athletic Department is needed before the scholarship can credit the student’s account. The Office of Student Financial Aid’s Assistant Director of Compliance and Athletic Aid will reach out to the Athletic Department for this information.

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