Federal Perkins Loan


The Federal Perkins Loan is a Federal Campus-Based Program.  As a loan it is a form of non-gift aid that must be repaid.

This loan is awarded by the UGA Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) and is administered at the University level.

Funds borrowed under this program are repaid to the UGA Bursar’s Office.

The loan is interest free until the student enters his or her repayment period, which begins 9 months after the student enrolls in fewer than 6 hours, or does not enroll, or graduates, then the interest accrues at 5% per annum.

The Federal Perkins Loan program expired on September 30, 2017.



2017-18 Award Year:

  • The undergraduate student maximum Award Year amount is $5,500.
  • Summer awards will be made to otherwise eligible undergraduate students later in the Award Year if funds are available, and students request summer aid.
  • The minimum award amount is $100 per semester.


Student Must:

Enrollment status requirements are as follows:

  • Students enrolled on at least a half-time basis generally remain eligible for that semester’s Perkins loan.
  • Students enrolled less then half-time may not remain eligible for the loan if their adjusted Cost of Attendance (COA) results in their award exceeding their recalculated Unmet Need.
  • Students enrolled less than half-time begin their 9 month Perkins Loan grace period as of the date their enrollment status changed to less than half-time.

Important Dates for Limited Need-Based Funds Consideration:

Federal Perkins Loan awarding is subject to Important Dates for Limited Need-Based Funds Consideration.