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Private (Alternative) Education Loan Lenders Used By UGA Students

Students who wish to apply for a private education loan should contact their bank, credit union or other private lending institution to ascertain if they provide private (alternative) education loans.

During the most recent Award Year, students enrolled in UGA degree programs received private education loans from these lenders. The lenders are presented in random order. UGA does not endorse or recommend any private education loan company and this is not a preferred lender list and is provided only as a courtesy. Students are free to use a lender not on this list. UGA receives no benefits from any lender.

Students may also conduct an internet search for “private student loans”. Since the lenders determine their respective application process, interest rates, repayment options and applicable fees we strongly recommend students compare these factors before applying for any private loan.

Also see the University of Georgia Student Loan Code of Conduct.

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