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Enrollment & Financial Aid: Policies / Procedures

Here you will find the policies and procedures regarding the impact of enrollment, changes in enrollment, grades, grade changes, etc. on student financial aid. Click the sub-topic for relevant information.

When determining a student’s enrollment status, remember that students are not eligible to receive federal student financial aid for credit hours or course work which will not count towards the completion of the student’s degree program requirements. Courses that are solely part of a certificate program, or that are taken just for fun or interest, cannot count in the enrollment status for federal financial aid.

The same would be true for graduate level courses taken while the student is enrolled in an undergraduate program; students are only be allowed to receive federal financial aid to cover the graduate courses if one or more of those graduate courses satisfy the student’s undergraduate degree program requirements. Undergraduate level courses taken while the student is enrolled in a graduate program will never count toward the student’s enrollment status.

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