Steps to Apply for a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan on

  1. The parent borrowing the Parent PLUS Loan must log in to using his or her (the parent's) Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID:

    PLUS loan graphic

  2. Once logged in, click on Apply for Aid and then Apply for a Parent PLUS Loan:

    PLUS graphic 2


  1. Carefully read the information and then click Start:

    PLUS graphic 3
  1. Provide all information requested on the PLUS Loan Application – Be sure you select the correct Award Year for which you are borrowing the PLUS Loan. For example:  If the PLUS Loan is for the Fall 2022 and/or Spring 2023, or Summer 2023, you would select 2022-23, and if the PLUS Loan is for Summer 2022 you would select 2021-22. 

    PLUS graphic 4


  1. Carefully read the information under the section Deferment While Student is Enrolled in School and be sure to check “Yes” or “No” to the question at the end.

PLUS graphic 5 

  1. Carefully read the information under the section Request for 6-Month Post-Enrollment Deferment and then answer “Yes” or “No” to the question at the end.

    PLUS graphic 6


  1. Indicate IF you authorize UGA Student Account Services to use the PLUS Loan funds to pay other educationally related charges on your student’s account:

    PLUS graphic 7

  2. Indicate IF you wish UGA Student Account Services to disburse directly to you or directly to your student any PLUS Loan funds that may remain after your student’s charges for the semester have been paid. Note that if you wish any remaining loan funds to be delivered via direct deposit to a bank account, you must select “The Student”.

    PLUS graphic 8
  1. Select the University of Georgia using the search or filters provided:

    PLUS graphic 9

  2. Indicate the Parent PLUS amount you wish to borrow for the Award Year:

    PLUS graphic 10

Note that the UGA Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) will contact the parent to confirm the PLUS Loan amount if the parent selects the third option “I don’t know the amount I want to borrow…”

  1. You must specify the Loan Period for which you are requesting the Parent PLUS Loan.  Your options are:

Loan Period Requested

Requested Loan Period Start Date

Requested Loan Period End Date


2021-2022 Aid Year

 Fall 2021 & Spring 2022

 August 2021

 May 2022

 Fall 2021 only

 August 2021

 December 2021

 Spring 2022 only

 January 2022

 May 2022

 Summer 2022 only

 May 2022

 August 2022


2022-2023 Aid Year

 Fall 2022 & Spring 2023

 August 2022

 May 2023

 Fall 2022 only

 August 2022

 December 2022

 Spring 2023 only

 January 2023

 May 2023

 Summer 2023 only

 May 2023

 August 2023


The following is an example of a Parent PLUS Loan request for the Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 loan period.  Once you have entered the Requested Loan Period Start and End Dates, click “Continue” to then enter your personal information, credit check authorization and reference information.


PLUS graphic 11

  1. After you have completed the Parent PLUS Loan Application, you will also need to complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) for a Parent PLUS Loan unless you previously completed a Parent PLUS Loan MPN while the student was enrolled at UGA and the previous MPN did not require you to obtain an endorser. If you need to complete a Parent PLUS MPN, see Steps to Complete a Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) on

  2. A credit check will be performed during the application process. If the parent has an adverse credit history (PDF), the parent may still receive a parent PLUS loan through one of two options:

    1. Obtaining an endorser; an endorser is someone who does not have an adverse credit history and who agrees to repay a Direct PLUS Loan if the borrower does not repay it. The endorser cannot be the child on whose behalf the parent is borrowing.
    2. Documenting to the satisfaction of the U.S. Department of Education that there are extenuating circumstances relating to the parent’s adverse credit history. 

    If denied, the parent will receive further instructions from the Department of Education regarding both options.  With either option 1 or option 2, the parent also must complete credit counseling for parent PLUS loan borrowers

    If a parent is unable to obtain a parent PLUS loan, the student may be eligible for additional unsubsidized loans. The student should complete the Change in Aid Request, answering “Yes” to the question, “In the amount(s) you requested, if you are not eligible for a Federal Direct Subsidized Loan, would you like to be considered for an Unsubsidized Loan instead?” and adding a comment in the “Other Requests or Additional Information” field that the parent was denied the PLUS loan.