What Is Federal Work-Study?

The Federal Work-Study Program (FWS) is a Limited Funds, need-based financial aid program in which eligible students work part-time on-campus while enrolled at the University. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year to apply for Federal Student Aid (FSA), including FWS. The Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) uses the FAFSA to establish a student's eligibility for potential employment through FWS.  FWS is awarded subject to the Important Dates for Limited Funds Consideration.

Federal Work-Study (FWS) eligibility is noted on a student's financial aid award as "Federal Work-Study." Only students who have been awarded FWS and have accepted their award in Athena may apply for Federal Work-Study jobs.

Our program employs approximately 400 students in 70 departments on campus. Our mission is to provide students opportunities for on-campus employment in part-time positions which match their interests and skills and which may help them to grow personally and professionally.

FWS Award

The FWS amount listed on a student's Financial Aid Award is the maximum amount of FWS funds the student may earn. Once FWS students obtain their FWS jobs, they are paid on a bi-weekly basis for the hours they have worked, up to the amount listed on their award.

Please Note: FWS Awards CANNOT be applied toward tuition, fees or other charges due.  FWS money is NOT available to pay a student's tuition, fees, housing charges or meal plan cost.

NOTE: Cancelling your FWS Award will NOT reduce your other aid and will NOT impact future awards.

What are the benefits of FWS?

  • Most FWS positions are located on-campus and can be reached by campus transit.
  • Work schedules are usually flexible and planned around the student's class schedule.
  • FWS earnings are excluded in the upcoming years need calculations (i.e. you do not report them on your next year's FAFSA).

Accepting Your FWS Award

Students must accept both semesters or cancel both semesters. Students can accept the FWS amount reflected on their official Award or a smaller amount not less than $1500. FWS Awards are for both the Fall and Spring Semesters. For instructions on accepting your Award please see: Awards on Athena.

To estimate how many hours you would need to work each week to earn your awarded amount please refer to the chart below. All FWS students are encouraged to work at least 10 hours per week. Please see FWS Student Responsibilities for more information.

Wage per Hour Hours Worked per Week
$8.00 15.6
$9.00 13.9
$10.00 12.5
$11.00 11.4

Obtaining Employment

Students who have accepted their FWS award will receive an e-mail from OSFA regarding how to access the FWS job list a few days after they accept the award in Athena. It is the student's responsibility to apply for and be hired in an FWS position before the deadline stated on the FWS jobs list. Students cannot be hired for more than one FWS position.

The University of Georgia's Federal Work-Study Program also participates in the America Reads Program which is dedicated to helping our community's elementary school students become better readers. This position is listed on the FWS job list. For information about the program please visit our America Reads Web site.

Not all student employment positions at UGA are FWS positions. The Dining Halls, UGA Housing, or the athletic areas of the Ramsey Center currently do not employ students through the FWS Program. You can only earn FWS monies by being awarded FWS and employed in a FWS position.

Students not awarded Federal Work-Study (FWS) can seek part-time campus employment through the Student Employment Office located in Clark Howell Hall, Room 246.