Dropping Courses Vs Withdrawing

Dropping a Course(s):

Dropping a course(s) prior to the last date of the official Drop/Add period results in a reevaluation of the student’s Enrollment Status for Financial Aid Purposes and his or her financial aid eligibility for that term.

Credit hours for dropped courses are not included in determining a student’s enrollment status for Federal Student Aid (FSA).  Neither do they count for HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships or UGA scholarship eligibility determination purposes, nor are they included in determining the student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

No courses or grades are posted to the student’s academic transcript for dropped hours.

Any tuition and any related fee charges for the dropped course(s) are returned to the appropriate financial aid program(s).

Student repayment may be required if financial aid was previously disbursed to the student based on the subsequently dropped credit hours.

Also see the Office of the Registrar's Registration Overview for more information about the registration process.

Withdrawing or being Withdrawn from a Course(s):

Withdrawing from a course(s) following the end of the semester's Drop/Add period historically resulted in the assignment of a grade of W,WP,or WF.  Effective the Fall Semester of 2014, students who withdraw from courses before the semester's withdrawal deadline will receive a W grade. All types of W grades and the course hours associated with them are still considered as attempted hours for the purposes of determining Federal Student Aid(FSA), State of Georgia aid (such as the HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships) and UGA scholarship eligibility, and they are included in both the quantitative and qualitative portions of the financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards.

Also see the Office of the Registrar's Policy on Withdrawals for more information about the withdrawal process.

Withdrawing or being Withdrawn from All Courses:

Withdrawing from all courses can affect a student's financial aid eligibility as cited under the preceding topic.  In addition, when a student withdraws or is withdrawn from all his or her courses prior to completing more than 60 percent of the term, federal financial aid regulations generally require the student to repay a portion of the federal student aid received during the term. The amount of any required aid repayment is calculated by UGA Student Accounts according to the federally prescribed formula.

Also see the Office of the Registrar's Policy on Withdrawals for more information about the withdrawal process.