Courses Ineligible for Financial Aid

The following courses will not be counted when determining the number of hours in which a student is enrolled for federal, state, institutional or outside scholarship aid.  These courses will not be included in the HOPE Scholarship or Zell Miller Scholarship award amount, nor counted in determining the number of HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship Attempted Hours or HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship Paid Hours when pursued Fall 2011 or later.

  • 7005  Graduate Student Seminar (regardless of major) 
  • 9005  Doctoral Graduate Student Seminar (regardless of major) 
  • GRSC 7770  Graduate Seminar   
  • GRSC 9270  Graduate Study Completion
  • ENGR 3900  Cooperative Work Experience (Co-op)
  • ENGR 3910  Cooperative Work Experience (Co-op)
  • LLED 7768  International Graduate Internship I
  • LLED 7769  International Graduate Internship II
  • SCHL 1001 Scholars
  • UNIV 1101  Topics in Academic Enhancements 
  • UNIV 1104  Topics in Problem Solving
  • UNIV 1109  Resources in Research
  • UNIV 1112  Improving Reading Rate
  • UNIV 1116  Study Strategies Adjunct
  • UNIV 1117  Basic Composition for Multilingual Writers
  • UNIV 2201  Introduction to the Research Paper
  • UNIV 2202  Academic Writing for Multilingual Students
  • UNIV 2203  Improving Academic Writing