For Aid To Be Available To Pay Toward University Charges

Students can apply any time during the Award Year (as long as they still meet all eligibility criteria); however, in order for financial aid to pay toward your semester’s student account charges, you must complete the financial aid process including Verification (if selected), by the following dates:



  Spring 2022

  November 1, 2021

  Summer 2022

  April 1, 2022

  Fall 2022

  July 1, 2022

  Spring 2023

  November 1, 2022


Students who fail to complete the process by these dates should be prepared to initially pay all the charges on their student account, including tuition and fees, housing, food services, any late charges, etc.  Once students have completed the financial aid process, they will be awarded the financial aid for which they qualify even if classes have already begun.