COVID-19/Coronavirus FAQs


General Questions

How can I contact OSFA?

In response to several UGA and State of Georgia directives regarding COVID-19, and for your safety and that of OSFA staff, UGA Office of Student Financial Aid is currently closed to in-person traffic. This closure is effective as of March 16, 2020 through TBD. Please contact us 24/7 by email at OSFA@UGA.EDU or by phone (706-542-6147) Mon.-Fri. between 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

We will be monitoring our email box closely and plan to reply to your inquiry as soon as possible. Our goal is to respond to your email within 48 business hours of its receipt, but at a minimum, we promise to acknowledge its receipt within that timeframe.


Where can I apply for emergency resources for expenses incurred due to COVID-19?

First check with the Office of Student Financial Aid to ensure you have exhausted all available resources. If you have and still need emergency assistance, undergraduate students can apply through the UGA Student Emergency Fund here, and graduate students can apply through the UGA Graduate Student Emergency Fund here.


Will I have to repay my student financial aid due to the fact that UGA has moved to online courses for the remainder of the semester?

As long as you remain continuously enrolled, you will not have to repay your aid due to the switch to online courses that is a direct result of COVID-19. There may be financial aid implications if you choose to withdraw from all of your courses. Please click here for more information if withdrawing is a consideration.


Where can I get more information on my Spring 2020 refund?

Refunds are handled by UGA’s Bursar and Treasury Services Division. You can get more information here.


I am a dependent student and my parent lost their job or had a drastic reduction in hours due to COVID-19 closures. Is there anything I can do to request additional student financial aid?

You may request consideration of special circumstances, more commonly known as a professional judgment. Please click here for information about the Professional Judgment process.


Study Away Questions

My study away program was cancelled, am I going to receive a refund?

The Office of Global Engagement (OGE) at UGA assists students with UGA Study Away related questions (UGA Study Away program participation, Status of UGA Study Away programs, OGE Policies regarding UGA Study Away programs, etc.).  Here is a link to the OGE website which details their resources and contact information.


 What happens to my financial aid if my study away program is cancelled?

A student’s enrollment status in courses impacts how student financial aid is awarded based on established federal, state, and institutional policies.  Please click here for more information on financial aid enrollment requirements. Students who are not enrolled cannot receive student financial aid.


What is the difference between being dropped or withdrawn from my program?

Please click here for more information on the difference between dropping your courses versus withdrawing entirely from the program.

A link to the UGA Registrar's Office website that details the official UGA academic calendars and the corresponding official UGA drop/add period dates and be found here.


How is my HOPE or Zell Miller affected if my study abroad program is cancelled? Is there a difference between drop vs withdrawal?

The key factor is the difference between dropping courses and withdrawing from courses and you can find more information here.  Courses dropped during the official drop/add period, and that do not appear on a student’s transcript, do not count toward a student’s HOPE/Zell Miller Attempted Hours and cannot be paid for by HOPE/Zell Miller.  Courses from which the student withdraws after the official drop/add period count toward a student’s HOPE/Zell Miller Attempted Hours and can be paid for by the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship.

Withdrawing from all courses may result in the student repaying a portion of their financial aid, including the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship. Student Accounts Services determines the prorated repayment amount in this situation following federal regulations. Visit their website and click on ‘Refunds’ for more information.