Official Awards On Athena And Unaccepted Non-Gift Aid

Once you have accessed your Official Award on Athena you may see some unaccepted aid on which you need to act.  Unaccepted aid is any non-gift aid on your Official Award with a "Select Decision" drop-down box. You must tell us if you want to accept or decline the unaccepted non-gift aid.  If you do not accept all or some portion of the unaccepted aid by the return date reflected on your award, the unaccepted aid will be canceled.

  • Any Federal Direct Loans (FDLs) you initially decline CAN be reinstated later if you remain otherwise eligible.  Any declined Federal Work-Study awards CANNOT be reinstated later due to limited funding constraints.
  • Unaccepted aid DOES NOT INCLUDE scholarships (including the HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships) or any grants because scholarships and grants are considered gift aid and we pre-accept them for you when they are awarded.  Athena logic will not permit you to accidentally cancel any scholarships or grants!

See How to View or Accept/Decline Official Financial Aid Awards on Athena for step-by-step guidance on this process.