Supervisor Responsibilities

The supervisor of FWS employees must be a full-time, non-student employee and must directly supervise the employee.  Some of the supervisor’s responsibilities are shared with the liaison.  Supervisor responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring FWS employees do not exceed 20 hours per week nor work outside of dates of FWS work eligibility. Typically, dates of eligibility are the first day of classes and last day of finals for a semester.
  • Ensuring FWS employees do not exceed semester award limits. If the award limit is exceeded, the department or organization may be responsible for 100% of excess funds earned.
  • Ensuring FWS employees do not work during regularly-scheduled class/exam time. FWS employees may work during class/exam time if they have been excused or the class/exam has been cancelled.  FWS employees must submit to the liaison verifiable proof that the class/exam has been cancelled or otherwise not scheduled to meet prior to the FWS employee reporting to work.
  • Ensuring FWS employees’ time is recorded correctly and accurately. Supervisors must approve time each pay period.  Batch-approved time is not acceptable; time must be approved by the supervisor or another full-time, non-student employee with direct knowledge that the time is accurate and correct.
  • Relaying work performance to FWS employees. An evaluation form can be found here (PDF). If unsatisfactory work performance occurs, it is recommended that the supervisor communicates this to the FWS employee in writing and both parties develop a strategy to improve performance.
  • It is recommended that supervisors give FWS employees an unpaid, 30 minute break for work shifts lasting 6 hours or more.