Tutor Responsibilities

  1. UNIVERSITY ENROLLMENT STATUS: You must maintain your enrollment in UGA classes to participate in the America Reads program. Please notify the America Reads Coordinator if your enrollment status changes.
  2. TRAINING: As an America Reads Tutor, you are required to attend tutor training sessions. You must be able to attend these sessions in order to participate in the America Reads program. 
  3. EMPLOYEE FORMS: New tutors must complete the online Orientation session, and print and complete all the required documents. Failure to complete Orientation and the necessary paperwork will result in a delay of up to four weeks in your paycheck.
  4. TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: America Reads is a two-semester (Fall & Spring) commitment.
  5. EXPECTATIONS: As an America Reads Tutor you are expected to:
  • Adhere to Set Schedule
  • Always Arrive at work On Time
  • Contact school if unable to work
  • Carefully and Accurately complete Tutor Logs
  • Maintain a positive, helpful attitude
  • Present a neat appearance (appropriate attire)
  1. SCHEDULING: Your work schedule is arranged between you and your school. A written schedule of the days and hours to work should be clearly defined at the beginning of each semester and submitted back to the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA). You cannot tutor during your scheduled UGA class meeting times unless you have written documentation from the professor or department indicating the class has been cancelled for that day.
  2. TUTOR LOGS: Complete Tutor Logs getting teacher signatures along the way. Use a new line each for each tutoring session. Tutor Logs must be initialed by the teacher after each day and then signed and dated by the student and the Supervisor/Teacher, Principal, or authorized representative. Tutor Logs without signatures or initials will NOT be processed by OSFA.

IMPORTANT: ALL Tutor Logs must be submitted to the Principal or Administrative Assistant in each school. The school will fax all Tutor Logs to OSFA on or before the due dates listed on the payroll calendar. Tutor Logs must be faxed from the school. Tutor Logs received after the due date will not be processed until the next pay period. A late tutor log may cause up to a four week delay in the student’s paycheck.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR to turn your tutor logs in THE DAY BEFORE they are due to OSFA.