Getting Involved

America Reads is part of the Federal Work-Study (FWS) program.  To become an America Reads tutor a student must be awarded FWS on his or her Financial Aid Award.

The FWS program is open only to students who demonstrate unmet financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) process and the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA). Please visit UGA's Federal Work-Study Web site for more information regarding the program.


The America Reads Tutor position is listed as an FWS position along with the other FWS job listings. When a student has accepted his or her Financial Aid Award, OSFA will send the student an e-mail with instructions regarding the FWS job application process. Prospective tutors will apply for the position.

In addition to the regular FWS job application process, each prospective tutor must sign a consent form to allow a criminal background investigation. OSFA will review the applications, select tutors and notify the applicants.

Training and School Assignment

America Reads Tutors are required to attend tutor training. This training is conducted under the guidance of the Clarke County School District. Tutors learn skills and appropriate goals for tutoring sessions, as well as activities they may use with their readers.

Tutoring Locations

  • Alps Road Elementary, 205 Alps Road, Athens, GA 30606
  • Barnett Shoals Elementary, 3220 Barnett Shoals Road, Athens, GA 30605
  • Fowler Drive Elementary, 400 Fowler Drive, Athens, GA 30601
  • Whitehead Elementary, 555 Quailwood Rd, Athens, Ga. 30606
  • Gaines Elementary, 900 Gaines School Road, Athens, GA 30605

Please visit the Clarke Co. School District Web site at for further information.