Estimated Awards

Estimated Awards are NOT a student's Official Award. Estimated Awards are for student planning purposes only, and they (as well as Official Awards when created later) are subject to revision due to changes in eligibility!

Official 2016-17 Awards will be created beginning in June 2016, after the University System of Georgia (USG) has set the 2016-17 tuition and fees, and the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) determines the 2016-17 HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship award amounts.

An individual student's Estimated Award is based on whether he or she has completed the 2016-17 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Process and/or the HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship Application (GSFAPPS), and will reflect an estimated Cost of Attendance (COA).

Students who are offered Federal Work-Study (FWS) and/or Loans on their Estimated Awards cannot accept or decline those funds at that time. If they are later awarded FWS and/or Loans on their Official Awards which begin in June, they will then be able to accept or decline those funds.

When a student's 2016-17 Estimated Award is created or revised, UGA OSFA will notify the student via his or her UGAMail account, and direct the student to sign in to Athena.