Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my school assignment?

You will receive your assignment at the orientation session.

How will I get my tutoring schedule?

At most schools the principal or assistant principal will create your schedule.

What happens if I miss a training session?

You cannot participate in the America Reads program without attending the first training session. If your UGA class schedule conflicts with one of the other sessions, please contact the America Reads Coordinator for more information.

Will I be paid for the travel time to and from the school?

Yes! Depending on your school assignment, you will either be paid for 15 minutes each way or 30 minutes each way.

What should I do if I am sick and cannot make a scheduled tutoring session?

First, contact FWS Coordinator at 706-542-6147, or by email at You should also call the school. Tell the receptionist who you are and why you are calling, and leave a message for the teacher(s) who are expecting you to let them know that you are sick and cannot make it.

How will I turn in my hours?

You will submit your Tutor Log Fall 2013 to the Administrator or Administrative Assistant in each school. The school will fax all Tutor Logs to OSFA on or before the due dates listed on the America Reads Payroll Calendar Fall 2013.

Tutor Logs must be faxed from the school. Tutor Logs received after the due date will not be processed until the next pay period. A late tutor log may cause up to a four week delay in the student’s paycheck.

How can I get more tutoring hours?

Talk with the teachers that you are assisting and let them know the hours that you are available. If that does not work, let the principal or other administrator know that you are interested in getting more tutoring time. The principal will ask other teachers and let you know.

What if I am having a problem with a teacher?

If this happens please contact the FWS Coordinator at, or 706-542-6147.